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A partial Common Lisp implementation written in Common Lisp.

Project Sacla (210,231 bytes)

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Update information

28 September 2004
Update loop.lisp, must-loop.lisp, and condition.lisp. Release clos.lisp (incomplete).
03 March 2004
Update printer.lisp and must-printer.lisp.
21 February 2004
Add license terms and printer.lisp.
project status
Spec. Chapter Lisp Tests
1. IntroductionN/AN/A
2. SyntaxN/AN/A
3. Evaluation and Compilationto be writtento be written
4. Types and Classesto be writtento be written
5. Data and Control Flow data-and-control.lisp must-data-and-control.lisp should-data-and-control.lisp
6. Iteration do.lisp loop.lisp must-do.lisp must-loop.lisp
7. Objectsclos.lispto be written
8. Structuresto be writtento be written
9. Conditions condition.lisp must-condition.lisp
10. Symbols symbol.lisp must-symbol.lisp should-symbol.lisp
11. Packages package.lisp must-package.lisp should-package.lisp
12. Numbersto be writtento be written
13. Characters character.lisp must-character.lisp should-character.lisp
14. Conses cons.lisp must-cons.lisp should-cons.lisp
15. Arrays array.lisp must-array.lisp should-array.lisp
16. Strings string.lisp must-string.lisp should-string.lisp
17. Sequences sequence.lisp must-sequence.lisp should-sequence.lisp
18. Hash Tables hash-table.lisp must-hash-table.lisp should-hash-table.lisp
19. Filenamesto be writtento be written
20. Filesto be writtento be written
21. Streams stream.lispto be written
22. Printerprinter.lispmust-printer.lisp
23. Reader reader.lisp must-reader.lisp
24. System Constructionto be writtento be written
25. Environmentto be writtento be written
26. GlossaryN/AN/A

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