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This package provides the `cl-lookup' command with which you can look up various entries relating to Common Lisp in various sources. This package requires hyperspec.el package to work. This package is the successor of hyperspec-addon.el package and supercedes it.

You can add your custom entries by writing a definition file. See the existing definition files (e.g. cl-lookup-mop.el, cl-lookup-ppcre.el) to learn how to do this.

You specify what kind of entries to register like the following,

      (setq cl-lookup-categories
      '(:hyperspec-index           ; e.g. "", "spec" "CLHS"
        :hyperspec-chapters        ; e.g. [index], [syntax]
        :format-control-characters ; e.g. "~C: Character", "~%: Newline"
        :reader-macro-characters   ; e.g. "(", "#'", "#b", "#+"
        :loop                      ; e.g. loop:with, loop:collect
        :arguments                 ; e.g. :test, :key, :eof-error-p
        :concepts                  ; e.g. "lambda lists:", "character names:"
        "cl-lookup-glossary"       ; e.g. {absolute}, {binding}
        "cl-lookup-mop"            ; e.g. add-dependent, ensure-class

        ;; implementation specific categories
        ;; "cl-lookup-clisp"          ; e.g. ext:cd

        ;; library categories
        "cl-lookup-ppcre"          ; e.g. cl-ppcre:parse-tree-synonym


Show Common Lisp operators and variables information in echo area. cldoc.el has a database of parameters and results of Common Lisp's standard functions, and syntax rules of standard macros and special operators. cldoc.el automatically uses SLIME's autodoc facility if available to display parameters of user defined functions and macros, and the values of global variables.

Project Sacla

A partial Common Lisp implementation written in Common Lisp.

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