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This is Yuji Minejima's personal web site. Here, you can find some software and documents I wrote.

Update Information

28 July 2012
On Emacs page, release mcomplete.el 1.10
13 October 2004
On Lisp page, release cl-lookup.el
28 September 2004
On Sacla project page, update loop.lisp, must-loop.lisp, and condition.lisp. Release clos.lisp (incomplete).
Release cldoc.el on Lisp page.

Table of Contents

My github activities

2017/06/23 Back on hacking ISLisp processor KISS.

My blog (mainly Japanese)

2017/10/19 Added.

Emacs page

Stuff on Emacs (a text editor integrated with an interactive Lisp environment) by the Free Software Foundation.

Common Lisp

Stuff on Common Lisp.


Miscellaneous software and memos, etc.
Last update 29 July 2001 Add this page.

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