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Stuff on Emacs (a text editor integrated with an interactive Lisp environment) by the Free Software Foundation.

Update information

28 July 2012
Release mcomplete.el version 1.10.
07 March 2011
Release mcomplete.el version 1.6.
21 August 2004
Release mcomplete.el version 1.5.
9 January 2004
Release screen-lines.el version 0.55 (kill-line improvement for GNU Emacs21).
18 December 2003
Release mcomplete.el version 0.20 (to get along with howm 1.1)
28 October 2001
Released mcomplete.el version 0.18 (for GNU Emacs21).

My environment

GNU Emacs 24.1 on Windows7

Emacs Lisp packages

Enhance the completion mechanism of Emacs by allowing you to display information on completions.
Call the viewers of Unix manual pages and GNU Info with completion.
Enhance Emacs's minibuffer completion mechanism.
Provide "Screen Lines" minor mode. As of GNU Emacs23, the same functionality is provided by the standard Visual Line Mode(M-x visual-line-mode). So this package is now obsolete.
Provide a text based interface to the menubar.

There're some elisp files on Junkyard page.

Elisp packages related to Common Lisp are on Lisp page.

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