Introducing hyperdraft.el

This package is an adaptation of Erik Naggum’s hyperspec.el to ISLisp.
Enter `M-x islisp-hyperdraft’ and the name of ISLisp items(functions, variables, etc).
Then the default web browser shows that part of ISLispHyperDraft (ISO ISLisp specification draft).

Happy Hacking

Almost finished general-array* implementation

Howdy guys!

I’m just finishing general-array* implementation of ISLisp processor KISS.

Also, I just started ISLispHyperDraft project. The point is, I want ISLisp equivalent of Lispworks’ Common Lisp HyperSpec . The current state is you can view the draft but it lacks hyper links.

Visit my github


Started to give it a try to write ISLisp to C translator


I just started to write a ISLisp to C translator.

I’ve read the source code of Kyoto Common Lisp (currently known as Gnu Common Lisp (GCL, not Gnu CLisp)) before, which uses a C compiler on the fly. So I knew that’s possible.

My goal is to write portable code.

And another project is to link with the Gnu MP library (the GNU multiple precision arithmetic library).

By the way, I’m using  the BoehmDemersWeiser conservative garbage collector.

Happy hacking!

Download the latest kiss (the translator has not been included yet.)


ISLisp processor KISS

KISS is aimed to be a conforming ISLisp processor.
The development is at the initial stage.

The current KISS is an interpreter written in C and ISLisp.

The rep loop is already running.

The object system and generic functions are working, too.

The license of this software is GPL. See gpl.txt in the zip file.

Download the latest version of .

Any comments are welcome.
I read English and Japanese.